PROAIM™ Swift Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track

PROAIM™ Swift Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track

PROAIM™ TDL275 Dolly with 12ft Straight Track

PROAIM™ TDL275 Dolly with 12ft Straight Track

Proaim Tripod Floor Dolly

Proaim Tripod Floor Dolly

PROAIM™ Swift Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track


  • STURDY & SMOOTH CAMERA DOLLY TRACK delivers dynamic shots & supports up to 159kg/350 lb.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERED DOLLY TRACK SYSTEM has 28" gage and 1.25" track compatibility.
  • 12ft STRAIGHT ALUMINIUM RAILTRACK with a weighing capacity of 400kg /882lb.
  • EXTENDABLE DOLLY TRACK SYSTEM with end support brackets to prevent run off.
  • PORTABLE & TRAVEL FRIENDLY camera Dolly Track kit comes in a protective storage case.

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PROAIM™ Swift Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track

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  • STURDY & SMOOTH CAMERA DOLLY with total weight capacity of 159kg/350 lbs provides a stable platform for a tripod and offers dramatic & complicated professional shots.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERED DOLLY SYSTEM has 28" gage and 1.25" track compatibility.
  • ULTRA COMPACT FOLDING TRIPOD DOLLY SYSTEM includes 3 x Easy Glide Dolly Wheel Sets and helps in Easy and quick set up.
  • 12ft STRAIGHT ALUMINIUM TRACK with a silver colour ultra-smooth running surface has weighing capacity of 400kg /882lbs.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT Track comes with 2 types of industrial grade plastic feet for smooth surface and for uneven surface.
  • EXTENDABLE TRACK SYSTEM includes end support brackets which prevents run off and offers smooth Tracking & Gliding Shots.
  • PORTABLE AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY Dolly and Track kit comes in a foam lined, custom fit and protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

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-  3 x Easy Glide Dolly Wheel Sets.
-  Dolly Rods -4 square sections.
-  28" gage, 1.25" - dia track compatibility.
-  Total weight capacity of video dolly - 159kg/350 lb.


-  Aluminium rails - Industrial grade plastic feet
-  28" track width center to center
-  Track rails are 1.25" in diameter
-  2 X Track Stoppers -28” width
-  Weight of track - 7kg / 15lbs
-  Weighing capacity - 400kg /882lbs

-  Swift Wheel Camera Dolly
-  12ft Straight Track
-  10 x Blue Wedges
-  10 x Black Wedges
-  Storage Bag


...Thank you! Your support has been truly amazing. Tracks help to create a perfect videos and completes the moving shots without any intricacy.
By Mr. Loostik, Greece

Wow......The Swift Dolly is very high quality!....Dolly with wheel allows the camera to move around very smoothly.
By Mr. Billschn, United states

Thank you very much!!!very good product, Track & Dolly is very strong and durable that can carry the weight of Jib and camera very easily. !
By Mr. Slevett, Hungary

Great quality!.. It is so easy to capture the image by just add the camera and the creativity.
By Mr. Dmitry, Indonesia

Awesome Dolly .. I can carry Swift Dolly anywhere at any, time and assemble it independently within seconds.
By Mr. Peter, Australia

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