PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control

PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control

Filmcity V1 Follow Focus

Filmcity V1 Follow Focus

PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control


  • Zoom & Focus Control Kit for DSLR/DV/HDV video cameras
  • E-Focus Control provides smooth manual focus control of lenses
  • Designed for operator comfort and long-term use under real world conditions
  • The built-in gearbox block on zoom and focus brackets enables smooth working of gear
  • An ultra-affordable professional solution without compromising performance

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PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE ZOOM & FOCUS CONTROL KIT for modern video cameras.
  • E-FOCUS REMOTE provides Smooth Zoom & Focus control of lenses.
  • PRECISION Gear Ring allows precise focusing of still and cinema lenses.
  • The BUILT-IN GEARBOX on zoom and focus brackets enable smooth working of gears.
  • 13" 0.8 FLEXIBLE GEAR BELT included to fit all lenses.
  • HIGH IMPACT PROTECTIVE PACKING included for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment.

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-  Length is 8.5 meter
-  4-pin connector on e-Focus control
-  Power switch on/off on e-Focus control
->  The 13"long rubber gear belt with 0.8mm pitch slips over the lens zoom
    and focus ring and attaches to the drive gear on zoom and focus brackets
-  The zoom and focus brackets has 15mm rod adapter to mount on your 15mm rod support

-  Proaim E-Focus
-  13" 0.8 Gear belt with pin-lock
-  Remote control
-  Gear ring

I like it most beacause e-Focus Control provides smooth manual focus control of lenses. Perfect!!
By Mr. Opver, Austria

Amazing!! The system consists of the Zoom and Focus Controls which help to control focus and zoom effects.
By Mr. Lder, Canada

I am very happy with my purchase!! best in its oost!! wow!! great!!
By Mr. Peter, Colombia

Affordable item in small price!! Good Results!! Great to deal with you guys.
By Mr. Kwwep, Denmark

I’d been a very happy customer of thecinecity for a couple of years. Great products.
By Mr. Hesal, Kuwait

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