Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm & Vest with HD-3000 Steadycam Stabilization  System

Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm & Vest with HD-3000 Steadycam Stabilization System

Flycam Galaxy Arm & Vest with Redking Video Camera Stabilizer

Flycam Galaxy Arm & Vest with Redking Video Camera Stabilizer

Flycam Vista-II Stabilizing Arm & Vest

Flycam Vista-II Stabilizing Arm & Vest

Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm & Vest with HD-3000 Steadycam Stabilization System


  • Fully adjustable Universal Head for precision balance.
  • Sophisticated gimbal bearing mechanism prevents angular deviation when shooting.
  • Adjustable broad weight plate on silver steel rails allows heavier camera balance.
  • Quick Release Plate for easy camera mount and removal.
  • Removes undesirable camera movement.

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Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm & Vest with HD-3000

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  • COMFORTABLE, WELL BALANCED aluminium constructed Stabilization System transforms shaky handheld footage into smooth, graceful and multi-angle shots.
  • HIGH DEFINITION HANDHELD STABILIZER with dynamic camera platform supports wider variety of modern cameras up to 3.5kg/8lb.
  • Complimentary QUICK RELEASE PLATE helps in quick mounting & dismounting of cameras.
  • PRECISION, THREE-AXIS GIMBAL with foam padded Handle Grip prevents angular deviation when shooting.
  • DUAL SPRING LOADED STABILIZER ARM with 16mm arm connector offers superior performance and removes undesirable camera movement.
  • TWO TYPES OF SPRINGS provided with dual-articulating support arm for 1-5kg and for 5-10 kg can be used as per your camera set up requirement.
  • ERGONOMIC ADJUSTABLE DESIGN COMFORT VEST with Waist size: 28" to 60" accommodates all body types.
  • FOAM PADDED VEST distributes the weight of the system across your body thereby providing fatigue free shooting.
  • Life Time Performance Guaranteed

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-  We provide two types of springs:
    - Blue for 1kg to 5kg
    - Red for 5kg to 10kg
-  Construction: Aluminum
-  Stabilizer Arm weight - 2.3 kg/5lbs
-  Steadycam weight : 2.860 kg/6.3lbs
-  Stabilizer Vest weight - 2.1 kg/5lbs
-  Waist size: 28" to 60"
-  Gimbal: CNC machined Double bearing
-  Head Plate Dimensions : 7.5 x 4.2 inches
-  Counter-weight disks : 8pcs
-  Camera Plate Holes: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 mounting holes
-  Weighing capacity of stabilizer : 3.5kg / 8lbs
-  Weighing capacity of Arm : 10kg

-  Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Vest
-  Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm
-  Flycam HD-3000 Steadycam System (Revised on 6-Oct-2015)
-  Metal Pro Quick Release - Absolutely FREE
-  Table Clamp -Absolutely FREE


Very cool I Balancing is very easy, well-built quality, really works like charm. Hats of Flycam.
By Mr. Lex, Romania

Appreciate Flycaml For inventing most well balanced, lightweight and affordable vest arm stabilization system.
By Mr. Simon, Samoa

I am glad that I have a vest and arm that take the load off my arms and wrists. Thanks Flycam.
By Mr. Hickie, Thailand

Great quality for the buckl Secure packaging; Very fast customer service would do business again. I highly recommend.
By Mr. Matt, turkey

Overall it is well made! Vest is pretty sturdy, easy to balance and assemble, operate smoothly.
By Mr. Laur, Qatar

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