Flycam Body Pod

Flycam Body Pod

Flycam Quick Release Adapter Plate

Flycam Quick Release Adapter Plate

Proaim Heavy Duty Rubber Spreader

Proaim Heavy Duty Rubber Spreader

Flycam Body Pod

Flycam 5000, Flycam 3000, Flycam C5, HD-3000, HD-5000, Nano and DSLR Nano


  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTED BODY-POD with nylon webbing & sturdy metal buckles.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CAMERA STABILIZER SUPPORT SYSTEM allows comfort for indefinite period of shooting.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT BODY VEST with over length straps and belt accommodates all body types.
  • BODY SUPPORT SYSTEM for fatigue free shooting

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Flycam Body Pod

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  • DYNAMIC & RIGID support system turns your FLYCAM into a mini Steadycam in minutes.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTED BODY-POD is made of industrial quality nylon webbing with sturdy metal buckles.
  • Allows Vertical Height Adjustment of 7" & 9".
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CAMERA SUPPORT SYSTEM allows comfort for indefinite period of shooting.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT BODY VEST with over length straps and belt accommodates all body types.
  • Takes the weight of the stabilizer off your hands and arms and distributes across your body thereby providing fatigue free shooting.
  • BODY SUPPORT SYSTEM adds stability and protection for equipment.

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-  Straps with hooks - 133cm
-  Waist Belt with Buckles - 127cm
-  Handle Adapter dia - 18.5 mm

-  Flycam Body-Pod
-  5.5" Extension

I have had the pleasure to work with a ton of different stabilizer systems, and find that this is not only cost effective, but practical and easy to use once you've mastered the art of working with the Body pod.
By Mr. Kinnyp, Albania

Body Pod allows the entire weight of the Stabilization system, including your camera and accessories, to be supported by your torso and shoulders, rather than your hands and arms.
By Mr. Sorland, Brazil

The response time from the company was tremendously fast. I received an email from them within hours of my original post..
By Mr. Salomeone, Cyprus

I have been using Bod Pod's for a few years now. I am very pleased with them..
By Mr. Renedelbarco, Norway

These are high quality, well made and very durable. Fabric is perfect. I love this product..
By Mr. Packrats, UK

Q : Will it fit my body size 54-56”? Up to what waist size the body pod can easily fit ?
Ans : The Body Pod will fit to the sizes as follows :
Minimum Waist Size : 34 inches
Maximum Waist Size : 48 inches

Q : What is the maximum and minimum length of the rod?
Ans : We provide two rod extensions of 5.5 inches and 9 inches with this body pod.
maximum Length with 5.5 inches extension : 10 inches
minimum Length with 5.5 inches extension : 9 inches

maximum Length with 9 inches extension : 13.5 inches
minimum Length with 9 inches extension : 7.5 inches

Q : Does wearing a vest or body pack make flycam setup more light?
Ans : Yes it does help, however the most important part of stabilization is first balancing the flycam initially. That would mean placing all items that will be used on the day of shooting (ie, Monitor, Battery, Camera, Lens, Wires, additional mounts, etc) for proper accuracy in the balancing process. It will take some time to correctly balance, but once you have the correct balance of the stabilizer, the arm and vest will be extremely helpful in the final stabilization .

Q : Is your body pod compatible with my Glidecam HD-2000?
Ans : Yes, this body pod will perfectly work with any stabilizer having the handle’s internal diameter of 22mm.

Q : Is it enough strong to bear steadicam weight ?
Ans : Yes. It is sturdy enough and will perfectly bear the steadicam weight.

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