Filmcity Professional Camera Support Kit

Filmcity Professional Camera Support Kit

Filmcity A7G34 Camera Cage

Filmcity A7G34 Camera Cage

Filmcity Lightweight Cage with Rod Support

Filmcity Lightweight Cage with Rod Support

Filmcity Professional Camera Support Kit

For Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s cameras


  • Expertly designed Camera kit to give your every shot a more refined & professional feel.
  • ROBUST CAGE with dual dovetails and numerous mounting points .
  • OFFSET DESIGN of stabilization system to center align the camera.
  • ERGONOMIC SHOULDER SUPPORT PAD for comfortable operation.
  • DURABLE FOLLOW FOCUS delivers Precise Focus Pulls
  • HI GRADE MATTE BOX fits multiple lens sizes

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Filmcity Professional Camera Support Kit

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  • HI STRENGTH SHOULDER RIG delivers balanced shots with immense Comfort.
  • Robust cage with dual dovetails and numerous mounting points supports mounting of different accessories.
  • Its OFFSET DESIGN allows bringing the camera to the eye level.
  • TOP HANDLE with left and right adjustments for easy handheld operation.
  • ANTI TWIST FRONT STOPS on the forward edge of the cage that aligns camera parallel to the cage.
  • HDMI CABLE CLAMP prevents accidental disconnects.
  • FREE BATTERY ACCESS for quick change of battery without removing the cage.
  • ERGONOMIC SHOULDER PAD moves to and fro for convenience and delivers comfort for hours of operation.
  • HIGH GRADE MATTE BOX adds CINEMATIC EFFECTS in your shots & fits multiple lens sizes and diameters up to 95mm.
  • COUNTER WEIGHT balances the rig for stable shots.
  • TRIPOD MOUNTING BASE with 1/4’’ and 3/8"threaded holes for standard tripods.

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-  Lightweight CNC machined Camera Cage Shoulder Rig.
-  Mounting rods are aluminum - precision made to standard specifications
-  Center to Center span of 60mm
-  Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
-  Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
-  Quick Release Plate with leveler
-  Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4"-20
-  15mm industrial standard Aluminium rods.
-  Tripod Mount -1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
-  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4 '' -20.
-  Outer Dia of Mattebox 95mm

-  Lightweight construction from CNC machined components.
-  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4''-20.
-  1/4"-20 allen bolt.
-  15mm industrial standard Aluminum rods.


-  Gear Arm adjustable distance - 55 mm
-  Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
-  Magnetic marking disk
-  Dial Index Adjustment - 360 degrees.
-  Follow focus gear Diameter- 40mm.
-  Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
-  All aluminum construction except knobs and marking disk
-  Dial Outside Diameter - 90mm (of white outer wheel.
-  Nylon gears and ABS 360 degree Dial Index Adjustment
-  Product Weight - 580 gm/1.276 lb

-  Matte box MB-600
-  Filmcity Camera Cage with top handle
-  Handles
-  15mm Straight Bracket and Z Bracket (Revised on 23-June-2016)
-  Filmcity HS-2 Follow Focus (Revised on 22-Sept-2016)
-  Shoulder Pad (Revised on 23-June-2016)
-  Junction Rod Adapter
-  15mm Rod Adapter
-  Filmcity A7G34 Shoulder Support Rig with front handles.
-  Top Handle
-  Hot Shoe
-  Counter Weight
-  5x 300mm Female Rods
-   FREE Z-bracket
-   FREE Wire Clamps


I get a nice smooth shot with this product. No Shake and easy to get the camera into small spaces for shots ......
By Mr. Kevin, Europe

Necessary for professionals! Solid system increased the artistic and specialized appeal of my footage
By Mr. Henry, Japan

Good worth for my money! Rig itself is marvelous and fairly decent for quality. Good job Fimcity!
By Mr. Alex, United States

Very small price to pay for the quality control it'll provide to your video, its just fantastic!!!!
By Mr. Buck, Norway
...... If you're trying to decide, if you need one of these for your video work, i'd say just do it!!!!!
By Mr. Austin, Belgium

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