Filmcity DSLR Shoulder Rig

Filmcity DSLR Shoulder Rig

Filmcity FC-10W Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight

Filmcity FC-10W Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight

FILMCITY POWER DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

FILMCITY POWER DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

Filmcity DSLR Shoulder Rig

Free MB-77 Matte Box


  • HI STRENGTH DSLR SHOULDER RIG delivers balanced shots with immense comfort.
  • ROCK SOLID CAMERA CAGE adds mounting points to your camera for more possibilities.
  • The QUICK RELEASE MECHANISM for quick mounting & dismounting of cameras.
  • ERGONOMIC SHOULDER SUPPORT PAD delivers comfort for hours of operation.
  • HIGH GRADE MATTE BOX adds CINEMATIC EFFECTS & fits multiple lens sizes
  • BUDGET PRICED PROFESSIONAL CAMERA KIT for Handheld, Shoulder Mount as well as Tripod use.

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  • HI STRENGTH SHOULDER RIG delivers balanced shots with immense comfort.
  • Its OFFSET DESIGN allows bringing the camera to the eye level.
  • The QUICK RELEASE MECHANISM with HEIGHT RISER for quick camera adjustment to desired height.
  • ERGONOMIC SHOULDER PAD moves to and fro for convenience and delivers comfort for hours of operation.
  • The SOFT GRIP HANDLES adjust to numerous angles for different shooting scenarios.
  • Complimentary MATTE BOX adds CINEMATIC EFFECTS in your shots.

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-  Made with high impact, high strength Polyamide resin
-  Camera and Tripod Mounting: 1/4"-20 and 3/8”-16
-  Quick release height adjustment: 3.5cm.
-  Centre to Centre spacing is 60mm
-  Rods diameter is 15mm
-  Simple to use Setup in Seconds

-  Filmcity DSLR Shoulder Mount Camera Rig
-  5 Rails- 300mm.
-  SR-33A Adapter
-  FREE Handle Bracket and wire organiser clamp.
-  FREE 15mm Z-Bracket and Straight Bracket.
-   FREE MB-77 video Matte Box.

WoW with STRAIGHT BRACKET & Z -BRACKET I can bring the camera more closer to the eye. Perfect & best quality product.
By Ms. Kesee, Hungary

I am Exteremely Impressed with the quality of the product!! I like it!! This is great Product!!
By Mr. Horizo, Greece

Great Product with great qualities!! Filmcity made my deal excellent!! Thank you guys.
By Mr. Peter Thomas, Austria

This Shoulder Rig is perfect & comfortable that helps to done my work perfectly!! Thumbs up to Filmcityl I
By Mr. Willson, Egypt

Yeah It has Double control handles which never let me tired while shootings. I am very happy with my purchase.
By Mr. Peoler, Jordan

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