Filmcity V1 Follow Focus

Filmcity V1 Follow Focus

PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control

PROAIM E-Focus Pro Zoom & Focus Control

Filmcity HS-2 Follow Focus With Hard Stops

Filmcity HS-2 Follow Focus With Hard Stops

Filmcity V1 Follow Focus


  • Provide greater precision and control over focus.
  • Used for precision-controlled manual focus racking.
  • Has a rugged aluminum locking insert.
  • It makes for smooth focus pulls without camera shake.
  • Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a follow focus Industry-standard 0.8 module.

US $89.00
In stock

Estimated Shipping cost for USA - US $28.00


  • HIGH QUALITY FOLLOW FOCUS fits with most of the lenses and allows you to achieve perfect focus every time.
  • ADJUSTABLE SLIDE MOUNTING MECHANISM & locking system mounts on 15 mm Rod Support with 60mm Central Distance.
  • SPEED CRANK offers precision-controlled manual focus racking.
  • GEAR RING BELT can be used with all lens types from Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED and more.
  • POSITIONAL INDICATOR shows where you are focused at all times.
  • Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with Follow Focus industry standard 0.8 module / 2.51mm pitch.

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Specification of Follow focus
-  Completely gear driven design for slip-free and accurate movement.
-  Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter.
-  Adjustable locking system.
-  Mounts onto 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center difference).
-  Positional indicator.
-  Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with follow focus industry standard 0.8 module.
-  Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (Interchangeable gear drives(currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch).

Specification of Crank
-  Material - Black anodized aluminum
-  Length - 4.5"
-  Connector size - 12mm x 12mm

-  V1 Follow Focus
-  Flexible Gear Belt
-  Speed Crank

Very nice product! Effective & useful device, fully featured & easily adjustable, great communication. Great deal with FILMCITY!
By Mr. Axel, Torranto

Excellent follow focus & great price! Solid construction & smooth moving gears, work very elegantly. I would recommend to everyone!
By Mr. Jackson, Russia

Terrific value..... Very impressed with the quality, really good product, nice feature & outstanding performance. Great works guys!!
By Mr. Daniel, Austria

Amazing product! Best quality! I love it! Your service & quick delivery is so good, I keep coming back. Thanks FILMCITY.
By Mr. Griffin, Hungary

Mind blowing results! Well-constructed... it's a pretty nice follow focus, gears turns smoothly easy & quick, reliable customer service. Hats off FILMCITY!!
By Mr. Austin, Portugal

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