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Proaim Power Pack for power voltage 12V equipment (P-PP-Y)

proaim power pack
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Stand-alone rechargeable power you won’t want to be without!


As you can see, convenience is the main factor that drives executives towards these devices!

Your productivity can be impacted in many ways. For one, you only need to remember charging one device, and after having charged your unit you can count on it holding that charge for long time.

Provides flexibility and freedom; this power pack is great solution to your executive life.

Increase your productivity and double the lifetime of your device.

Leading beauty is it can be used with multiple devices, reducing the amount of baggage you need to carry.

Proaim Power Pack

->  High performance with elegant design
->  Quick and easy operation
->  High capacity battery, High efficiency output
->  Easy to carry along on out-of-studio shoots
->  User friendly, portable and convenient
->  Well organized, handy travel case

power supply



Compact and stylish design for outdoor usage - High quality battery ensures reliable power sourcing - very flexible with connectors for your devices. This is greatly convenient for the busy professional because sometimes you might forget to charge your device, but in other occasions it is your camera that needs charging. With enough power to give your device a complete charge, the Proaim Power Pack provides up to several hours of power.

Safe, steady charging for all types of 12V batteries this power bank is a great solution for busy professionals. A complete solution to all your worries related to power supply required for long hour shoots or on-fields shoots. To alleviate any worry you may have of being away from home or work without charged devices, an external battery pack is the answer. We're so confident you'll love the functionality of an external battery pack that we've looked at several items to help you in your search for the best portable battery pack.

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->  Proaim Power Pack

12 volt power pack
Ultimate convenient power in your travel bag

->  Great for rugged sports - not for swimming or submerging.
->  Water resistant, crushproof, and dust proof.
->  Easy open latch.
->  High grade, impact proof suitcase.
->  Available in two colors i.e. Yellow and Black.


->  EXIDE sealed lead acid battery
->  Type : EP 7-12
->  Capacity :7 Ah
->  12 volt, 14 a.h. memory-free power supply
->  100 - 240 volts AC input voltage
->  Charges from completely flat to fully charged in 12 hours
->  No need to discharge completely before charging
->  LED charge indicator
->  Two 4-pin XLR power port
->  Built-in, attached power cord stores inside the battery
->  Weight : 4.25kg
->  Outer dimensions :13" (L) x 10" (W) x 4.5" (D)

PROAIM POWER PACK is highly simple, no-nonsense and affordable block battery that has no travel restrictions.

One of the unique features of PROAIM POWER PACK is that it holds battery check feature wherein LED charge indicator, indicates the power consumption in three different modes i.e.

->  Fully charged, ( indicates green color)
->  Lowest voltage level achieved (indicates red color) or
->  In case of any technical faults (blinks yellow color)

Proaim Power Pack 12 volt power pack Proaim Power Pack
Provide flexible, sturdy and stable protection for Battery pack

PROAIM POWER PACK is all designed to guarantee safe and unattended charging. It can be used with any equipment that has power voltage between 12V.
This compact battery box is fitted with a handle which makes carrying the batteries a simple task.


portable 12v power
Effortless power to your gear
power pack battery
Multiple ports for different devices at the same time

Proaim Power Pack

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