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Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider (P-CMBD-S)

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Added On 28-Jan-2016
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Capabilities of slider dolly and the functions of crane rolled into one kit


Earlier the age of filmmaking meant having a big budget, a large truck for transportation and a few people to deal with, but our Proaim Cambird eliminates all such needs. It is a heavy duty slider, mini jib and crane, all in one piece of performance package. The unique construction instantly gets converted from a slider to a jib by one man. The adjustable camera plate acts as a great solution for your shooting needs whilst covering all the angles. The unique counter balance system delivers continuous balanced control with utterly fluid camera movements. It is engineered to support cameras up to 5kg/11lb. Tight location shoots with minimal time and multiple shot requirements - movement, boom, jib arm, slider that's when our Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider really shines.


->  Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider (P-CMBD-S)
->  37 Weight Washers (4mm each)  (Revised On 30-May-2016)
->  Storage Case (Added on 28-Jan-2016)
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(Revised On 30-May-2016)
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Videos are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only

Two functionalities in one Technologically Advanced System

Gets you Vista pans and dramatic rising crane shots plus the added advantage of impeccable slider moves in one convenient production package.
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Meticulously crafted gadget for brilliant performance


->  Multi-function, multi-angled camera platform.
->  Transforms from slider into jib in a matter of seconds.
->  One Man Assembly.
->  Unique counter Balance system automatically moves opposite to camera for balanced control.
->  Captures just about any angle with stability.

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Swooping crane shots and smooth slides in a single tool
Variable Angle Operations

Our Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider gives user ability to shoot virtually any shot, no matter how complex angle is, the counter balance enables guaranteed stable movements.

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Automated Counter Weight System

The movable counter weights tracks in camera‘s opposite direction giving a continuous balanced control.

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Complete transformation from slider to mini jib in seconds

The sturdy locking bar switches Cambird from sliding moves to dramatic crane shots in a matter of seconds.

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  Construction   High-Grade Aluminum, CNC Construction
  Length  6ft 4 inch
  Travel Distance   6ft
  Load Capacity   5kg
  Slider Rail Diameter   12mm
  Tripod Mount Type   100mm Bowl
  Camera Plate Dimensions   5.4" x 3.10"
  Weight material   Steel
  Belt   Nylon, Wire – steel covered with sleeve
  Pan Tilt Lock   Yes
  Tilt Angle degree   60 degree
  Height from Bowl to camera plate   13 inch
  Height of Jib from Ground   6.2ft when tripod adjusted at 2.9ft height

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Storage Case (Added on 28-Jan-2016)

Durable carrying case for easy storage and transportation.
video crane


video crane
Right from the lowest angle to the top arch, get the clean shot without break
video crane
Manual Crank Mechanism to operate the slider conviniently

Exclusive of Camera , Lcd monitor , Tripod stand , Fluid head , Matte box and R+od support

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