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Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head (P-BXR-HD-2X)

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Revised on 26-Sept-2016
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Proaim launches its new Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head (P-BXR-HD-2X) is a remote-controlled pan and tilt head designed for use with video and film cameras weighing up to 15kg/ 33lb. It is controlled by the variable speed joystick control box that connects to the gear motors via the included 13m extension cable. The Robust head easily attaches to a jib crane in the upright or hanging position without any tools. The adjustable camera cradle supports horizontal and vertical balancing to achieve zero gravity tilting. The High quality Pan tilt head offers 360-degree panning and tilting ability while keeping your camera safe and secure.

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->  Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head
->  Controller with battery box
->  Supportive Accessories
->  Bag Packing  

Tooless Design

Intuitive control

Precise CNC Machining

Inaudible Operation

Quality Construction

2 axis pan tilt head

With drive gear motors
Motorized pan tilt head
Robust Head with Quiet & Fast Drive Gear Motors without any Backlash
& delivers smooth 360 degree panning & tilting resulting in precise operation.

Head design
    pan tilt motorized

Engineered to Support cameras up to15kg/33lb.

Tool free

pan tilt motorized

Gets connected to a jib or crane quickly without using any tools.

Proportional controller

controller box motorised pan titl head

The two channel controller is fully proportional and the maximum speed of each axis can be limited by the min/max knobs for the ultra-slow shots.

 -> Speed & ramp are variable and are easily controlled and adjusted .
 -> You can control the head easily by yourself after the controller is fixed on the crane.

controller box motorised pan titl head

  Pan Tilt Head Material   High Grade Aluminium
  Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity   15kg (33lbs)
  Pan movement   360 degrees
  Tilt movement   360 degrees
  Minimum Speed
 Maximum speed
  Pan Tilt : 360deg in 20sec
  Pan Tilt : 360deg in 5 sec
  Motors   Maxon motor Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the  head 360 degrees
  Gears   2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 20mm),
   2- Aluminium Big Gear (Dia-103mm)
  Minimum height of head   18.5 inches
  Maximum height of head   25.5 inches
  AC Adapter input   AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
  Cable Length   13 meter
  Weight of Pan Tilt head   5.930 kg
  Weight of Joystick box   650grm
  Weight of controller box   8kg
  Joystick Controller   2-Axis
  Tyco Connectors   Male & Female both
  Pan Direction   Yes
  Tilt Direction   Yes

To Get your camera airborne
controller pan tilt with joystick box


controller pan tilt with joystick box

motorised pan tilt head
Excellent functionality gives unrestricted outcomes
pan tilt mounts
More attentive making the move you need

Exclusive of Camera, Rod Support, Matte Box, Tripod Stand, Jib and Weights


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