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Proaim Agile 1000 Flood Production Light (2pc) (P-AGL2-1000)

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The Best lighting solution for many shooters all over the world !


Proaim Agile 1000 Flood Production Light is an impressive brightness enhancer combined with efficient cooling vent, dissipates heat and gets you sharp, richly detailed and pleasant shots. It provides the light control with the LED advantages of no heat, delivers 100% flicker free illumination and can be dimmed from 100% to 5% with zero colour shift. Consuming 95% less energy, it enjoys 50,000 hours of LED life for big time savings. The lightweight aluminum housing design is efficient for venting and dispersing heat with  4-way barn doors that shape and control the light and prevent it from spilling into unwanted areas. The adjustable mounting yoke allows to be mounted to any industry standard light stand and its locking up-and-down tilt control lets you precisely position and hold the light's beam where you need it. Included filters soften both highlights and shadows, reduce contrast and increase the beam angle.

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->  2 x Agile 1000 Flood Production Light
->  2 x AC Adapters
->  2 x Universal Adapters
->  2 Set of Gel Filters with Case
->  Storage Case

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->  Day Light balanced Model
->  Powered by AC Adapter
->  Cool & Heat free Led Technology
->  Flicker free at any frame rate or Shutter angle
->  Light equivalent of 200W HMI
->  Long life LEDs
->  Modular design for Multi panel configuration
->  Ballast free

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->  Color Temperature: Day Light
->  Size: 12*12 inch
->  Product Weight with Bag: 10 kg/22 lb
->  Current : 1.6A
->  Power : 39Watt
->  Adapter : 24V ~ 3A


PROAIM LED lighting fixtures offer endless color changing possibilities as gel filters are with you to enhance your environment.

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Clear frosted filters for softening hard shadows, glare and controlling the intensity and spread of your lights.

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All aluminum construction. Side mounts fit with knobs on the sides of the Light panel and are fully adjustable. Mount includes a safety latch and release button.


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LED technology with heat free operation

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Exclusive of Reflector & Stand



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