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Proaim 9ft Wave-11 Camera Jib (without Slider) (P-WAVE-11)

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Revised on 10-May-2016
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Professional jib right priced, right now.

High angle, eye level, low angle, tracking/dolly shots unlimited framing possibilities in one convenient package.

Revolution or evolution, today’s sophisticated camera technology demands support equipment as functional and flexible as these new image capturing devices. Proaim’s new Wave 11 offers shooters creative opportunities like never before.

professional camera jib
(Revised on 19-July-2016)
Exclusive of tripod stand 
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->  Proaim wave-11 jib crane (Revised on 19-July-2016)
->  Stress Cable
->  Free Sand bag

camera jib crane
Meticulously crafted gadget for brilliant performance


->  Quality crafted construction for years of service.
->  Smooth, effortless motion control on three axis.
->  Boom up to 9’ for dramatic shots.
->  Unlimited shot selection by design.
->  Compatible with 100mm bowl tripod stand.

small camera jib
Exclusive of Tripod stand, Camera, Fluid head, & Weight  


->  Material of jib crane : Aluminum
->  Head plate : CNC cut
->  Dimensions of packing bag L x W x H :- 61 x 13 x 9 inch

jib for camera
A design capable of getting the desired shot

small camera jib

dslr cranes

camera with stand

video camera crane

camera jib arm

film cranes
Exclusive of Weight  

video jib crane

dslr jib cranes


PROAIM wave-11 jib comes in protective storage case with easy tote handles.
best dslr jib
Packed with quality components


professional camera crane
Extends your reach by moving your camera in a more efficient manner
Exclusive of Tripod stand, Camera, Mic, Pan tilt Head, Mounting arm, Fluid head, & Weight  

jib cameras
Dramatic low angle shots made easy
Exclusive of Camera ,Pan tilt head, Lcd monitor , Tripod stand , Fluid head , Mounting Arm, Matte
box, Rod support & Weight

Camera Jib

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Weight 35.00 lbs
Our price: US $195.00
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