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follow focus system
Revised on 05-July-2016
follow focus for dslr
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Extremely accurate. Shift your focus with confidence!


Pull focus like never before with Proaim V2 DSLR follow focus !

Get exactly the feel you want, time after time, with virtually any lenses.

Innovative design and quality engineering, Proaim V2 DSLR Follow focus allows you to smoothly pull focus without any jarring starts or stops.

Perfect for filmmakers, photographers, and anyone wanting to step-up their production capabilities with an inexpensive focus puller. It gives you professionalism without breaking your budget.

Whether you are working on independent films, doing corporate video work or even electronic new gathering, our Proaim V2 Follow Focus is a must-have accessory for your shooting arsenal.

follow focus system
Next generations follow focus for today's camera technology
->  Lightweight and affordable Follow Focus
->  Lens Gear ring set, Speed crank
->  Positional indicator
->  Standard accessory port
->  Adjustable locking system
->  Flexible design of gear rings
->  Pro Zoom attaches to any 15mm rod
->  High grade aluminum construction
->  Our Quality Assurance Guaranty
follow focus system

proaim follow focus

Our unique tool is suitable for independent filmmakers, professional photographers and casual users alike!

Mounts in seconds. Removes even faster.

It serves both as a simple and easy to use follow focus system, as well as a device for making long travel rack focusing consistent, smooth and fast at very high accuracy. Its flexible ergonomics allow smooth operation with no fatigue and camera jitter.

It allows for precision and stability whether working alone or with an assistant and enables you to be more efficient with your focusing. Entire DSLR solutions camera follow focus especially for photographers working alone!

professional follow focus


->  V2 DSLR Follow Focus
->  Lens Gear Ring
->  Speed Crank
->  Drive Gear

Video is for DEMONSTRATION purpose only


->   Right and left side drive gear fitting.
->   Gears in the gearbox made of metal.
->   Gear driven design for slip-free, accurate movement.
->   Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter.
->   Adjustable locking system.
->   Mounts onto 15 mm Rod Support -60mm center to center.
->   Positional indicator.
->   Standard accessory port.
->   Allows extreme focus lenses to be geared and used with DSLR follow focus industry standard 0.8 module
->   Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (Interchangeable gear drives (currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch).
follow focus system
Agile and smooth with great focusing technique

follow focus system

->  Gear Arm adjustable range 35 mm
->  DSLR Follow Focus - Black anodized Aluminum,
     Gears - ABS
->  Dial Index Adjustment- 360 degrees
->  Dial 'OD'- 84mm (of white wheel)
->  Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
->  Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
->  Dimensions -75mm 110mm 110mm
->  Exchangeable
->  Gear Drive for Fuji/Canon/Kinor Gear Wt- .006 grams
->  DSLR Follow Focus Wt.- 310 grams
->  Wt with packing -1.5Kgs
->  Gear Diameter- 35.87mm

follow focus system

The Pro Zoom allows the operator to pull zoom from the side of the camera, similar to how a follow focus enables focus pulls from the side. Like other DSLR Follow Focus products.

->  Pro Zoom attaches to any 15mm rod
->  Quality metal rotation lever
->  Drive gear diameter - 40mm
->  Drive gear 0.8 module
->  Zoom gear ring (s) 0.8 module

follow focus system
Exclusive of Camera

->  Single rail, all aluminum, 15mm rod mount.
->  Smooth, silent motion.
->  Bright white marking disc.
->  Adjustable slide mounting mechanism.
->  Thumbscrew for secure rail attachment. .
->  Drive gear is Industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 module).
->  Pro Zoom Works with Proaim as well as other standard
     lens gears.
->  Metal construction except for drive gear and knob.
->  Various gear ring attachments.
->  Provides precision control over complete zoom range.


The Speed Crank switches your follow focus unit to crank operation. Made of anodized aluminum ends with a stainless steel shaft, the crank contains absolutely no plastic.


->  Used for precision-controlled manual focus racking
->  Has a rugged aluminum locking insert
->  It makes for smooth focus pulls without camera shake


->  Material - Black anodized aluminum
->  Length - 4.5"
->  Connector size - 12mm x 12mm

dslr video follow focus

GEAR RING SET (55mm-110mm)

The included 6 gear rings fits all standard lenses when using our camtree Follow Focus.

follow focus system


->  Provides greater precision and control over focus.
->  Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a Follow Focus industry-standard 0.8 module
->  Durable as well as flexible construction
->   Gear pitch - 2.51mm
->   Module - 0.8
->   No. of gear teeth - 107
->   Screw diameter - 4 mm


follow focus system
Attached ‘in-line’ to your rod system

follow focus system
Reposition and shoot in no time

follow focus system
An extremely accurate follow focus that allows the operator or assistant to pull focus
Exclusive of Camera, Rail System, Top Plate, Handle, Battery Plate & Battery

Above Images are for DEMONSTRATION Purposes

lightweight follow focus review portable follow focus


At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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