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PROAIM™ TDL275 Dolly with 12ft Straight Track & Free 75mm Tripod Stand (TDL-275)

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Exclusive of Camera, Fluid Head & MIC
Revised on 15-Mar-2016
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Get dynamic, exciting sense of the performance with
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Putting a little camera movement into your shoot adds production value!

Silent, smooth, bump free camera moves can be accomplished much quicker with Proaim camera dolly system with 12ft dolly track.

Designed to provide the ultimate in mobility and versatility, the Proaim camera dolly system easily maneuvers on small sets like no other platform dolly.

For an extensive range of possible applications Proaim high quality camera dolly make it easy for you to do your own creative projects using a hand-held HD camcorder, video-ready DSLR, or professional video camera.

Precision built portable camera equipment for durability as well as ease of setup is the best choice for you to produce that key cinematic element to your video shoots.

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->  Accommodates all DV/HDV cameras Tripods and Rigs
->  28" gage - 1.25" track compatibility
->  Easy Slide - Easy Glide construction
->  Portable Camera Dolly in a bag
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

camera dolly track system
EXCLUSIVE of Camera,Fluid Head & MIC

Revised on 21-July-2016

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Portable Camera Dolly is a 3 wheel dolly which allows the camera and camera operator to move around very smoothly. This is 3-legged Track Dolly, very strong and durable that carry the weight of Jib, Pan Tilt Head and camera very easily. The total weight capacity of this portable camera dolly is up to 330lbs. You can use it independently with your own Dolly Tripod Stand. The Dolly System is excellent for making Professional and Independent videos.

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->  Camera Dolly with Rotating wheels
->  12ft long straight track with end adapters
->   10 x wedges (Added on 20-Nov-15)
->  COMPLIMENTARY 75mm Tripod Stand


->  The Tripod Dolly has smooth wheel bearings 360 degree rotating.
->  The 12ft long straight track has stable balancing with rubber feet.
->  3 Wheel Dolly accommodates total weight including your Tripod stand/camera weighing upto 330lbs.
->  Professional dolly system for making film, commercial, documentary videos.
->  Dolly Track comes in a travelling bag.
->  Light in weight, Easily assembled, collapsible tripod dolly.
->  End Support adapters of track making it stable and aligned.
->  Hollow pipes making it light-weight and portable.
->  Blue track feet for balancing the dolly track.

film camera dolly
High reliability and operability for smooth shooting


->  Length of Straight Track Set - 12ft
->  Dolly Track consists of six track rails each consist of 4ft length
->  Central distance between track - 28inch standard
->  Track diameter - 1.25inch
->  Dolly Track color - silver
->  Camera Dolly color - black
->  Dolly Wheel color - sky blue
->  Weight of Dolly Track - 7kg/15lbs
->  Weight of Tripod Dolly - 7kg/15lbs

professional camera dolly


Dolly Tracks are Standard 12' long made of silver aluminum are very smooth. The Supreme Camera Dolly with Straight Track create a very perfect videos and completes the moving shots without any intricacy. The Central distance between the tracks is 28"/71cm. You may also run other Camera dolly on these tracks, if the dolly wheel (s) match with the dolly track.
professional camera dolly
Extremely solid & rigid track configured in a straight run

tripod track dolly  best camera dolly
Industrial grade aluminum base can bear heaviest of equipment
Added on 23-Nov-2015

professional camera dolly
For Smooth Surface
The Sturdy wedges lift the track slightly to ensure continuous smooth dolly moves
For Uneven Surface
Rugged wedges keep the track balanced on uneven and rocky surfaces

Professional 75mm Tripod Stand made with Aluminum Legs with plastic accessories for solid support yet light in weight.

->  2-Stage with quick action knobs for quick height
->  Adjustable floor spreader
->  Single action to fold up Tripod 75 mm bowl
->  Carry Bag
->  Max height: 59"
->  Min height: 27"
->  Load capacity: 50 lbs
->  Weight - 5 lbs
->  Leg Lock Type - Locking Knobs

proaim dolly
Rock solid Tripod stand for Hi-end production
video camera dolly    motorized camera dolly
Add grace and fluidity to your work


Proaim TDL275 Portable Camera Dolly with Straight Dolly Track, Tripod Stand comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

12ft track set
Packed with quality components

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Fluid Head, MIC & View Finder

track dolly wheels

camera dolly track wheels


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