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PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head Supporting Cameras weighing upto 15kg/33lbs (PT-SPIN-3)

3-axis pan tilt head
Exclusive of Jib

Revised on 12-May-2016
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Entice your senses with power of innovation !


Our precision crafted PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head gives you incredible freedom of movement and gets you that money shot virtually anywhere.

Moves your camera in an infinite number of 360-degree arcs giving you multi-dimensional moves.

Enables boom, swing and tilt capabilities to shoot various angles and achieve extraordinary, dramatic and cinematic shots.

Bring a whole new dimension to your craft by moving the camcorder from a very low shot to a high shot smoothly and efficiently.

Capture pristine action shots like never before….

pan tilt servo
->  Remote Spin 3 axis 360 degree Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Control head
->  Variable speed remote control Pan Tilt Mechanism
->  Durable high grade metal construction
->  Also used as 2-Axis Camera Pan Tilt
->  360 degree, pan & tilt movement
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
pan and tilt head motorized
Exclusive of Jib

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Revised on 12-July-2016

At Proaim, continuous improvement is much more than an idea or a couple of words. For us it is a way of life. Our unique, industry exclusive PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head, gives operators an incredible range of shot selection and picture composition capability. You can now roll your camera 360 degrees and still achieve 360 degree, pan & tilt moves at the same time. No other system gives you this range of movement with the same fluid motion and industrial grade electronics with remote control operation to your shots. Get an unbeatable combination of form and function for cameras weighing up to 15kg.

pan and tilt head

Revised on 12-July-2016

proaim pan tilt head

1. 3-Axis Pan Tilt Head
3. Mounting Clamp
5. Motors
7. Universal Adapter
9. Tools
2. Camera Plate
4. Remote  (Revised on 12-May-2016)
6. AC Adapter
8. Cable
10. XLR Cable


->  360 degree panning, tilting & rolling movement with 4 to 5 complete revolutions and reverse point.
->  Variable speed is easily adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" potentiometers on the control unit.
->  The Dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick where no motion will occur. You can set it to
     prevent crossover to the other axis when not wanted.
->  Outdoor use requires rain protection cover.
->  Comes with custom fit carrying case.
->  The 3-Axis Head comes with wiring to the motors installed. Add the Power out to head (3 pin connector) and 12 volt
     DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box and you are up and running.

motorized pan and tilt head
Enables Perfectly Balanced and infinitely adjustable camera movement
Exclusive Of Camera, Mic, Jib


->  High grade metal constructed
->  12 volt DC power
->  Pan movement: 360 degrees
->  Tilt movement : 360 degrees

pan tilt camera mount
Robustly constructed with highest standards of industrial grade electronic components


Controlled by a joystick remote, the pan, tilt & rolling movement of the head works on 12 volt power and easily accepts external 24VDC battery power through the included a 3 meter long 3pin XLR cable. This Spin 3-Axis Dutch Roll pan tilt head is a solid built unit with precision and long life capability designed in. The frame is made of a durable high grade metal. In Pan Tilt mechanism ,XLR cables are built in to the motor, gears on the head are solid quality and the head is sheathed in plastic to protect the finish.

3 Axis Pan Tilt Head
Delivers smoothness that is impossible to reproduce

pan and tilt system
Strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight up to 15kg
Revised on 12-July-2016

->  The Proaim™ Pan-Tilt Head comes with a remote Joystick control system, 10 mtr. Long Cable and AC Adapter.
->  You may run the Joystick from a flat surface like tabletop or attach to the boom arm of Jib.
->  For Outdoor shooting, you can use 3mtr. long 3pin XLR cable with a 12volt Brick or Car Battery.

remote pan tilt
An exquisite body with intuitive control
Superb Proportional Control

->  Joystick has proportional linear movement i.e. farther you move the joystick, the faster the head moves.
->  Joystick is touch sensitive

Small movement – less speed.
More movement – more speed.

remote pan tilt

PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3) can be used with following jibs:

->  PROAIM 22ft Base Kit
->  PROAIM 32ft Base Kit : P-W5R
->  PROAIM 19ft Octagonal Jib
->  PROAIM 16ft Octagonal Jib
->  PROAIM 13ft Octagonal Jib
->  PROAIM 10ft Octagonal Studio Jib


Proaim Pan Tilt camera mount comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote slings.

remote pan tilt
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

camera pan and tilt system
Delivers smoothness that is impossible to reproduce
remote control pan tilt head
Allow you to make professional pans, zoom-ins, and dolly-style shots
Fully enclosed for maximum rigidity and shot stability
3-axis pan tilt head
Allows filmmakers to play with new angles
Exclusive Of Camera, Mic, Matte box, Follow Focus, LCD, Jib, Jib Stand, Weights

3 Axis Pan Tilt Head



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