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PROAIM 7' Wave DSLR Video Jib Crane with 100mm Tripod Stand Supporting Cameras weighing upto 25kg / 55lbs (P-WAVE-TS)

dslr camera crane
Exclusive of Camera and fluid head

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Catch every critical movement more flexibly
and comprehensively!

For Cameras weighing upto 25kg / 55lbs

A brilliant and cost effective solution for the users who want to float their cameras in air!

Lightweight, compact and ultra portable Proaim wave DSLR video jib crane with tripod stand is designed for the professionals shooting in extreme environments to capture the perfect shots.

Create the visual effects and produce incredibly smooth floating camera shots that add value to the productions and bring a quick return on your investment.

Completely toolless and a single user operated , Proaim 7’ DSLR video jib crane with tripod stand system can be easily transported by one person and set up virtually anywhere within minutes!

Make it the smartest addition to your equipment list and achieve a level of professionalism that your competition cannot compete with.

telescopic camera cranes
A fully featured crane system for film or video cameras up to 55lbs(25kg)
->  Easy set up and easier to use
->  Maximum boom extension of 7'
->  Tripod mounting allows for over-head and ground level shots
->  Mounts to tripods featuring 100mm bowls
->  Infinite balance options designed in
->  Compact and lightweight
->  Accepts 100mm fluid heads
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
portable camera jib crane
(Revised on 16-Aug-2016)
Exclusive of fluid head and Weights


Top to bottom, Hi or Low, our Proaim 7' DSLR video jib crane covers all the angles. For the many times operators would like to be more creative in their shot composition and selection, this flexible DSLR video jib crane system is the answer and more. Studio or remote location, this lightweight but sturdy camera platform opens up a host of new creative possibilities for operators and producers alike. Another quality product from Thecinecity.

dslr camera jib crane


->  Wave DSLR Video Crane Jib
->  100mm Camera mount
->  Assembly Hub
->  100mm Bowl Tripod stand
->  75mm Bowl (Added on 15-Feb-2016)
->  3 x Proaim Rubber Tripod Shoe

professional camera jib
Meticulously crafted gadget for brilliant performance
Exclusive of Camera


Video are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only


->  Quickly assembled in manageable pieces.
->  Camera Mount Bowl that accepts 100mm.
->  Jib uses standard barbell weights for counterbalance (not included).
->  Easily adjustable main Arm.
->  Lightweight and portable.
->  Ultra compact folding system.
->  Length of DSLR Video Crane-7ft max.
->  Camera Mounting Bowl is made of machined Aluminum.

best camera jib crane
Ergonomically designed with super smart features


->  Load Capacity - 25kg/55lb.
->  Tripod mount of 100mm diameter
->  Robust Aluminum & Steel construction
->  Stainless Steel under mount with a 30 pounds capacity
->  Weight - 65lbs.
->  Pan Radius of 360 Degrees

Proaim 7’ DSLR Video Jib Crane With Tripod Stand

This Proaim DSLR Video Jib Crane gives you the edge that sets you and your production apart in the professional world! It stabilizes your camera perfectly while moving it through space around creating graceful, sweeping moves that you just can’t get any other way! The counterweight end of the arm is extendible allowing for camera balance optimization while the telescopic jib arm adds the flexibility to frame that 'perfect' shot.

dslr camera crane jib


The camera mount accepts 100mm fluid heads and has a 90 degree tilting angle to capture those 'off axis' shots. With solid aluminum construction and a gray finish it looks as professional as it operates.


Built in level bubble for fast accurate set up on uneven surfaces and jib panning control knobs.
camera crane dslr
dslr devices micro crane


Mounted and ready to go.


Stronger Hi-tensile weight closers help to achieve perfect balance.
video cranes and jibs

(Revised on 16-Aug-2016)
jib for dslr camera
A perfect cinema grade attachment for exceptional performance


->  Height extension of 62"
->  Legs constructed with recessed horizontal lock levers.
->  Easily accessible and easy safe adjustment.
->  14mm & 20mm aluminum tubes for extra strength.
->  Rubberized anti slip feet
->  Secures in seconds.
->  Large locking knobs for security.
->  2 stage height adjustment for multiple configurations.
->  Safety-solid all metal joints.


->  Max length of tripod - 53 inch
->  Minimum length of tripod - 31 inch
->  Collapsible height - 32 inch
->  Tripod tubes made of Aluminum
->  Diameter of tripod tubes - 20mm and 14mm
->  Load capacity - 100 lbs

Proaim 7' Wave DSLR Video Jib Crane comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote slings.

crane for dslr camera
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

21'ft jib

Rubber tripod shoes
High quality support feet for accurate stability


tripod for jib
Relish low-slung shots with ease

traveling jib cranes
Float your camera to where the action is

Above Images are for Demonstration Purpose Only
Exclusive of Camera, Underslung head, Matte Box, Fluid Head, Rod support, Black & Red Spreader and Weights

camera crane stand



At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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