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PROAIM 2pcs. AURA - 2412 Power LED Lights with Power Pack (AURA-2412)

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Revised on 24-Nov-2015
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Excellent lighting effects with symmetrical light output!


No more blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers! Now you have the ultimate LED lighting solution that outperforms all others in the market!

The LED lighting fixtures is cool to the touch so you can squeeze it into places where other lights just can’t go!

Create that dramatic Hollywood style film lighting either doing close up or from 20 feet away! It has fantastic variable color temperature with brightness that will amaze you!

This highly versatile tool offering higher output and smoother beam spread brings style to your studio, delicacy to the field and a great deal value to the user!

Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

When you don’t have the time to set up quartz lamp and chimeras for an on-the-fly interview, this ultra-lightweight and travel friendly product works as an excellent deal both for amateurs and pros!

aura led lighting
High brightness, low consumption, color rendering, dimming, suitable for professional
photography & camera shooting.
->  Industry leading performance
->  Ultra efficient engineering
->  24 High Power LEDs, 12V, 42W Power Consumption
->  Superior light output, Outperforms all other brands
->  Unit only draws 2.7Amp at full output and still gives blast of
     powerful 5600K Light
->  Full Brightness Control and Convection Cooled ( No Fans)
->  Circular beam with longer throw
aura led lighting systems

"Everything that is shown in the picture is included in your kit"
This light has a lens that focuses the angle of beam to 60 degree and so eliminates the need of barn doors.
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PROAIM AURA - 2412 Power LED Lights are especially compact, powerful and are characterized by high-powered luminosity. Because of their focused and very homogeneous light, spots can illuminate surfaces directly.

These are ultra bright high intensity, low power consumption and long lasting white light LED. The lights provide high brightness and wider field of view.

PROAIM AURA - 2412 Power LED Lights is a great way for videographers on the run to light interviews, events or spot news. This LED light provides an even distribution of soft light at short distances. The technical innovations in film lighting equipment continue to match the sophistication of today's modern cameras

For all this and an estimated 80% energy savings make PROAIM AURA-2412 Power LED-lights a genuine best buy. The lightweight and portable design makes an effective cinema filming companion to today's multi-purpose DSLR cameras.

aura led lighting systems review
Video for Demonstration purpose only


->  2 x 2412 power Led Lights
->  2 x 2pc gel filters
->  2 x AC Adapters
->  1 x 12V Power Pack
->  2 x LED Lighting Stands
->  2 x Universal Adapters


->  Industry leading performance.
->  Ultra efficient engineering.
->  Long life PRO LED's.
->  Extendable 2 section LED lighting stands upto 7ft.
->  Dimmer control built in Low power consumption.
->  Circular beam/long throw design.
->  5 hour + battery run time when equipped.
->  5600K color temperature.
->  High Grade Aluminum construction - light weight
     for portability.
->  6.75 lbs total weight.
->  Gel pack for extended control. Mounting yoke.
->  100-240 VAC power adaptor.
led aura
Portable and dimmable led light for photography and film-making

light dslr camera   light video camera
      Dimmer control-On-Off switch                              Power supply 110/240V AC/DC


->   Frost Clear-Amber Delight
->   Vibrant, saturated Technicolor 'look'
->   Enhance aesthetics
->   Durable long life
->  Custom storage sleeve
AURA led gel filters

Without gel filter
With "Frost Clear" gel filter

With "Amber Delight" gel filter

led studio light
Continuous LED light source needed for great video results

->  The size of LED Lighting Fixtures is 25cm x 14cm x 3.7cm
->  Head weight 1.485kgs
->  Power draw 2.7 amps
->  Stand weight 1.6 kg
->  2 riser stand with maximum height of 7'
->  Operating temperature 0 to +70 degrees Celsius


->  Input - 100-240v AC
->  Output - 12vDC-2.7amp


Without Gel Filter
5600° Kelvin
With "Frost Clear" Gel Filter
5400° Kelvin
With "Amber Delight" Gel Filter
3200° Kelvin


Without Gel Filter
With White Gel Filter
Yellow Gel Filter


Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

The Proaim 1450 Case, 14.62x10. 18x6, Black w/foam is completely crafted from padlock shielders and stainless steel components, providing high protection to your valuable assets of production.
The customized sturdy case, long-lasting and highly potent has been constructed from ultra high – impact functional copolymer with a strong wall design featuring an open cell core.
Alterations in air temperature and pressure are dealt through absolutely sealed off ABS latches and O-ring consisting of an automatic purge valve which allows rapid equalization.
The size of the robust yet light weight case makes it completely perfect for even bigger and heavier cameras and accessories.


->  Secure and strong.
->  Easily unfastened - dual throw latches.
->  Pick n Pluck with convoluted lid foam.
->  Black matte finishing.
->  Lifetime quality assurance.
led photo lights
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

                        SPECIFICATIONS               BIG      SMALL
  Outer Dimensions (L x W x D), in   20"x25"x8"   14"x12"x5"
  Inner Dimensions (L x W x D), in   18"x17"x5.5"   12"x9"x3.5"
  Lid Depth, in   2"   1.25"
  Bottom Depth, in   5.5"   3.5"
  Weight   3kg   1.2 kg

led lights for video
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At Thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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