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PROAIM 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Supporting Cameras weighing upto 25kg / 55lbs (P-WV-PL)

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Revised on 23-Feb-2016film jib crane
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Treat your every scene remarkably!


Add this jib to your studio gear today and see how many unique shots you can get!

Inspite of plenty of jibs around these days, our unique creation brings with it the ability to instantly ramp up the production quality and take it to the next level.

Offers great performance without the hassle–from the outdoor extremes to indoor studio shoots with unmatchable payload capacity and boom reach.

Provide shots from an ant’s point of view all the way up to a Giraffe’s! With a combination of swings, booms, tilts, rolls and dolly moves.

easy handling jib crane
->  Quick, Flexible & dynamic champion for all locations
->  Tool less Jib, Gets assembled by one person in just 5minutes
->  CNC Machined Solid Aluminum body ensures hardcore durability
->  Extremely portable fits in one rolling case
->  Telescopic arm extends & retracts towards front and rear of jib

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Revised on 8-June-2016

camera jib crane design
The PROAIM 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm is a portable crane that allows you to smoothly boom & move your camera up and down in an infinite number of 360 degree areas. Its unique automatic tilting system further enhances your shooting capabilities. Its complete telescopic jib designed to extend your reach and to enhance your shooting capabilities. Our tool less jib enables fast set-up & makes it easy for one man to operate. It weighs only 18kg, and enables fluid movements for cameras up to 25kg/55lbs . Exclusively designed to fit in tight spaces or be raised up for taller ceilings, getting you amazing overhead shots.

camea jib

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->  PROAIM 10' Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm (P-WV-PL)

traveling jib cranes
Exclusive of Tripod Stand, Spreader, Fluid Head, Mounting arm, Underslung and Weights


->  Quickly assembled in manageable pieces
->  Camera Mount Bowl that accepts 100mm
->  Jib uses standard barbell weights for counterbalance (not included)
->  Easily adjustable main Arm
->  Lightweight and portable
->  Length of Video Crane-10ft max
->  Camera Mounting Bowl is made of machined Aluminum

travelling jib crane

(Revised on 23-Jan-2016)
camera on crane
Travelling Jib Crane
(Revised on 23-Jan-2016)
video camera jib


->  Tripod mount of 100mm diameter
->  Robust Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
->  At Max Height Length of Jib Arm - 10ft
->  Pan Radius of 360 Degrees
->  Maximum load capacity 25kg/55lbs
->  Minimum load capacity 15kg/33lbs

camera crane
Ergonomically designed with super smart features


Proaim 10' Wave DSLR Video Jib Crane comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote slings.

dslr video telescopic jib
Packed with quality components


video jib
Meticulously crafted gadget for brilliant performance

camera telescopic jib
Relish low-slung shots with ease
Exclusive of Tripod Stand, Spreader, D-77 Dolly, Camera,
Camera set up Fluid Head, Mounting arm, Underslung and Weights

camera jib crane design camera jib crane design


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