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Flycam Yoko Steady Stabilizer Support (FLCM-YOKO)

handheld supporter
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A steady aid for perfect and comfortable shooting experience


Flycam feels pride in introducing its new anti-fatigue support system Yoko Steady Stabilizer Support thoughtfully designed for operators to make their long and hectic shooting like a breeze.

Exceptionally engineered to bring more versatility in your shooting in a variety of ways without limiting your creativity and imagination.

Now spend more time filming less time massaging your wrist!!

Handheld Stabilizer supporter
->  A complete stress free accessory for long shooting duration.
->  Ultra-light, very compact and fastest setup.
->  Collapsible, can be stored easily and assembled quickly.
->  More stability during movement for dynamic camera shots.
->   Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
Steadycam camera supporter

mövi steadycam

Flycam presents its new first ever stress free Flycam Yoko Steady Stabilizer Support designed to give relief to your single tired arm by spreading the weight of the whole system out to both arms while still giving you the ability to maneuver the camera. It is truly a powerful combination of steady aid and a Steadicam for a perfect and comfortable shooting experience.


->  Flycam Yoko Steady Stabilizer Support
->  19mm adapter
->  22mm adapter

Support steadycam

Video is for Demonstration purpose only


->  It's ultra light weight
->  very compact size with the fastest set up(seconds)
->  Complete control with comfort while shooting
->  More stability during movement for dynamic camera shots
->  Improve a floating moving image appearance
->  It is collapsible, can be stored easily and assembled quickly.
->  Easier Tilt up and down operation
->  Easy to use affordable stabilizer support.

camera stabilizer supporter
The Multi-position arms can be extended up to 15" that lets you fine tune the inertia and your own shooting style.
camera stabilizer supporter
The revolutionary rig is capable enough to be used as a mini-cage and gets connected to a stabilizer too ensuring two handed operation for a fatigue free filming experience
camera stabilizer supporter


camera stabilizer supporter

For DSLR Stabilizers , you can attach 19mm adapter to Yoko
camera stabilizer supporter

Stable and smooth support when shooting from any position
stabilizer spporter
Exclusiveof Camera,Flycam,H4n,LCD,LED Light
Support dslr


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