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Filmcity Universal Tablet Teleprompter (FC-TP100)

 Exclusive of Camera, Rod support
                       iPad, & Tripod Stand
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Universal tablet teleprompter Onlocation Use of Universal tablet teleprompter
Filmcity Universal Tablet Teleprompter is a highly flexible on-the-go prompting solution for corporate meetings, instructional videos, seminars or advertisements. It features a beam splitter that reflects the scrolling text in a highly visible form, from the tablet back at the onscreen talent while allowing the camera to maintain a direct eye line for a natural, direct-to-camera effect. Unlike most teleprompters, it setups in under 2 minutes and does not require any tools. Simply slide the glass in the groove and tighten the glare cover over the top, that's it!


->  Filmcity Universal Tablet Teleprompter (FC-TP100) (Revised on 3-Sept-2016)
->  Cotton Fabric Hand Gloves (Added on 19-July-2016)
->  Bag Packing

Universal teleprompter

(Revised on 3-Sept-2016)


->  Eye contact at all times with your audience
->  2 glare cover positions: back position for studio or bottom position for outdoor sunlight shoots
->  Ensures crisp, highly contrasted and readable text
->  Large glass will fit any professional or consumer camera (with a slight zoom in some cases)
->  Comfortable reading even from 10 meters away
->  Portable & lightweight construction comes with a convenient sturdy carry bag
Teleprompter specifications


->  Material - Polyamide resin
->  Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Retina, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch, Wiz Tab,       iPhone
->  Portable & Lightweight
->  Easy set up under 2 minutes. No tools required
->  Large glass will fit any professional or consumer camera
->  Red Dot indicate front side of glass
->  Weight : 1.73 kg / 3.80 lb
->  Dimensions of Projection Base : 10.2" x 7.5" ( L x B)
->  Dimensions of Glass : 11.5" x 7.9" ( L x B)


Universal tablet teleprompter with rod support

Flash Bracket with quick release plate


Reduces eye movement and ensures crisp, highly contrasted and readable text.

Universal Teleprompter with portrait orientation


Teleprompter with cameras
Leverages the high-resolution display of iPad tablets.

onlocation use of Universal tablet teleprompter TP100

Package includes Universal Tablet Teleprompter, Cotton Fabric Hand Gloves, Rod Adapter and bag packing
All other supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose.



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