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Filmcity Shoulder Rig for Sony a7R II, a7S II, & a7 II (FC-A7RS-RIG)

sony a7s rig
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    Our Filmcity Shoulder Rig for Sony a7R II, a7S II, & a7 II (FC-A7RS-RIG) is a new definition of camera
   rigs and is a dynamic piece of equipment that moves with the camera operator. It’s not static like a
   tripod and it gives the filmmaker flexibility of movement which can really help to increase efficiency
  during production. It is a complete  modular, fully-adjustable, camera-specific shoulder rig. Having a
  precise system in your backpack gives you the  chance to generate amazing shots with visual effects
  wherever you go. Filmcity cage enables the possibilities of shooting anything anywhere.

camera rig for sony A7s -> Filmcity Camera Rig
-> Filmcity a7R II, a7S II, & a7 II Camera Cage with Top Handle
-> 4 x 300 Female Rods
-> 1 x Handle Rod
-> 2 x Male Extensions
->  Free Z-Bracket
->  Free Cable Clamp

camera rig for sony A7s
Filmcity Camera Cage

Video is for DEMONSTRATION purpose only

camera rig for sony A7s ->  Form Fitted Anodized Aluminum cage
->  Multi-threaded Cage with removable Top Handle.
->  Charge the battery without removing the camera.
->  Surrounds, protects, and stabilizes the camera body.
->  Stylish walnut handgrip offers a comfortable grip.
->  90° handle rotation.
->  Dual adjustable soft grip handle set.
->  Solid camera mount shoulder support.
->  Comfortable Shoulder Pad, easily removable.
->  Shoe mounts for attaching various accessories.
->  Easy handheld and tripod mounting ability.
->  Easy access to all ports.

Handles Straight bracket Shoulder Pad, Counter weight
camera rig for sony A7s
Adjustable Handles comes with
soft grip provides comfort and
ease. Get more steady and slip-
free handle functionality

Helpful during off-set use and
bring the camera to the eye-level.

> Provides vibration-free hand
   held shots.
> It provides perfect balance and
   fatigue free long hour shooting.

camera rig for sony A7s ->  CNC made aluminium construction
->  Compatible with a7R II, a7S II, & a7 II
->  1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 holes for mounting accessories
->  15mm Rod Adapter
->  Product weight: 3.070kg/6.75lb
->  Tripod Mounting: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 both

camera rig for sony A7s
camera rig for sony A7s

Our camera cage is custom-designed to protect and stabilize your camera while providing access to all ports and controls. It provides the added safety, stability, and accessory mounting options needed to prepare your camera for video production work.

a7s cage

camera rig for sony A7s

Our upgraded handle provides excellent grip and can be mounted in 90° increments.

a7s cage articulating handle
Cold shoe mount wooden handle dovetails
camera rig for sony A7s

Three cold shoe mount options
provide you the variety of
mounting capabilities.

We created our signature look
of the walnut grip to be both
beautiful and functional.

Dovetails offers easy handle configuration options on each side to shoot in run-and-gun situation

a7s cage a7s cage

This light weight cable clamp can easily be used on our cage at multiple locations.

a7s cage

a7s cage

Immensely versatile with multiple handle alignment options.

a7s cage
Enhances handheld operation and reduces camera jitter
a7s cage

Sliding base plate can be mounted on Manfrotto, Cine and Sachtler heads.

base plate
Rock solid design with unending mounting options
base plate
a7s cage
Exclusive of Camera, one extra handle, wire, MIC



At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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