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FLYCAM C5 - Hand-Held Camera Stabilizer with Arm Brace Supporting Cameras weighing upto 6kg/13.2lbs (FLCM-C5-AB)

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Exclusive of Camera and Mic
Revised on 16-Apr-2016 hand held steady cam
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Nothing stands in the way of style !

   For Cameras weighing upto 6kg/13.2lbs.

If you are looking to fly more than just a basic camera body and lens, this is a solid steadycam for you!

Flycam C5 is the most trusted, user-friendly hand held stabilizer for your camera.

Unrestricted booming and 360 degree panning is as easy as stretching your arm.

The Flycam C5 hand held stabilizer trumps on all those needs that a pro looks for while shooting videos. Designed with lightweight aircraft aluminum, Flycam C5 steadycam is strong, durable and at the same time easy on the arms with Arm Brace.

Catching up higher-end technology, it brings some cool features to people on a tight budget.

Flycam C5 hand held camera stabilizer gives a great value for your buck!

arm support brace
->  Rugged, Lightweight, hand held stabilizer
->  Unrestricted booming and 360 degree panning
->  Fluid action motion shots, made easy
->  Wrist or Arm Brace for advanced control
->  Recognizable Hi build quality for long lasting performance
->  Industry leading customer service

kamera stabilizer
hand held camera shot

Smaller, lighter, faster has become the industry trend in DSLR cameras and video camcorders. Many have features that rival those of their big brothers with results. We have developed Flycam C5 hand held stabilizer to capture images with the camera platforms that support them.

It is portable enough that you can simply pick up and start using for shake-free videos.

The wheelbarrow ensures a smooth rotational motion and added comfort for you whether you are moving it side to side, panning or booming.

hand held camera shot


->  FLYCAM C5 hand held Steadycam
->  Arm Brace



Note: The Flycam C-5 DEMONSTRATED in the above video is manufactured from Carbon Fiber while on the contrary; it is factually fabricated from robust, high grade aluminum.


->  Designed for the latest DSLR’s and camcorders.
->  Simple set up - simple to use
->  Eliminates camera shake
->  Can be used without any body support system.
->  Arm Brace or wrist support for advanced control.
->  Quality quick release and universal camera mount.
->  Adjustable telescopic post with locking knob.


->  Strong metal telescopic pole
->  Telescopic Post extends from 51cm to a full rise
     height of 76cm
->  Soft foam grip Steadycam handle
->  Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes
->  Accepts cameras up to 6kg/13.2lbs
steady kamera
Compact portable and versatile gizmo with super advance features

camera scaling head


Now get this Stabilizer, also called “Micro adjustment ” which is the first stabilizer built-in scale, on the every adjustment part. Let you get balance again with 30 second at the same photography setting

mini camera stabilizer


Camera quick release base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting bolts to hold various camera bases. You can make the adjustments using both the horizontal and vertical axis.


Camera Platform moves back & front, and side to side, for easy horizontal camera balance. It has a zip lock feature that allows faster assembly compared to other hand held stabilizers. Micro head comes with gear and screw technology for adjusting X & Y-axis for quick and precise balancing. It offers an unobtrusive support with installation being six times faster than traditional methods.
mini dv steadycam

stabilized camera gimbal


Wheelbarrow bearing provides rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement. The Hand grip swivels left and right from the bolt. Adjustable Gimbal easily moves the whole Steadycam up and down the post. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.

camcorder stabilizing handle


The Handle of C5 Flycam is extra smooth, easy to grip move it up and down or side-to-side according to your need. Soft foam grip make it easy on hands and supplies slip free control.


This DSLR Steadycam contains weights to balance the camera on the stabilizer. Add or remove weights as your camera’s need.
handheld video stabilizer


Hi tensile strength metal construction for lightweight, durable performance you can count on. Flycam C5’s Telescopic Post extends from 51cm to a full rise height of 76cm to adjust the balance weight of the camera.

camera steadycam


Steadycam Arm Brace is designed to spread the weight of the system over your entire forearm. This support brace not only removes strain from your wrist but also provide the cushioned comfort while shooting. When you add our wrist or arm brace and a price point guaranteed to surprise, you have an unbeatable combination.

slr camera stabilizer
Perfect load distributing Arm Brace gives you fatigue free experience

->  Reduces arm fatigue and strain.
->  Designed to evenly spread weight over the entire
     fore arm.
->  Aluminum support bar runs full-length of the brace.
->  Instant 'On or off' attachment.
->  Extra camera support and control.
->  Adjustable comfort angle and soft padded surface
     for grip handle.
->  Multiple adjustment handle positions.
->  Foam padded wearing comfort.
->  Secure nonslip mounting with Velcro straps.
->  Custom fit adjustments.
->  Quality construction.
->  Antireflective matte black finish.


Flycam C5-hand held camera stabilizer with arm brace comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.
camcorder stabilizers
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality


smoothshot stabilizer steadycam dslr digital camera stabilizer mini cam stabilizer
Smart construction lets you generate amazing visual effect shots
Exclusive of Camera and Mic

camera stabilizer review
cheap dslr stabilizer


At Thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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