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FILMCITY DSLR Gear Head Supporting Cameras weighing upto 14kg/30lbs (FC-GR-H)

geared head
Exclusive of Camera, tripod stand, matte box & Rods
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Designed for executing cinematic moves impeccably!


A neatly clarified sculpture with an assertive new look offers incredible control over 360 degree Pan and 180 degree Tilt action.

Inspired by intelligent state-of-art technology and top-of-the-line performance in every detail without a single compromise in quality.

Sensationally designed with unique features to execute your complex shots more precisely with a touch of perfection.

Simply moves your camera in an infinite number of 360 degree arcs giving you multi-dimensional moves.

Built to let you shoot stories you would never have believed possible!!

dslr gear head
->  Flawless 360 degree Pan and 180 degree Tilt action
->  Ensure smooth and steady camera movements
->  An industry standard, third generation, professional product
->  Strong yet very light weight and has high flexural strength that
     ensures lifetime performance
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
dslr gear head
Exclusive of tripod stand
dslr equipment
Our vision is to bring a low cost, lightweight tripod mounting geared head to the market for cameras upto 20lbs. Filmcity DSLR gear head delivers a wide and growing range of system providing the fine construction, advanced features and elegant designs that photographers want. The head incorporates a quick release camera plate system which is capable of holding medium format DSLR cameras and scopes to high end cameras. It allows precision movement to the camera in both pan & tilt. It comes with three 6” cranks.

Get more than 100%! This is the best way to describe the Filmcity DSLR gear Head.

camera gear head



gear head tripod
Excellent precision photographic gear
Exclusive of tripod stand

Videos are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only


->  Steel gears and bearings, stainless shafts.
->  Single speed. Dual pan cranks.
->  Cranks freature hold away handles.
->  Light weight design means you can use it on most tripods.
->  Full bearing design on both axis, saddle and main support shaft.


->  Made of polyamide resin
->  Construction of Gear - metal
->  Bowl Dia-100mm
->  6" Rotating cranks
->  Weighing capacity up to 30lbs
->  Rotating crank for slow movement & Rotating crank for fast movement
->  Tilting crank rotation upto 180 degree
->  Panning crank rotational upto 360 degree



Quick Release Adapter is capable of holding medium format DSLR cameras and scopes. The reversible camera mount and extra large mounting plate make it a best choice for professional photographers.
camera quick release plate

gear head camera


Sturdy Panning crank rotates for complete 360 degree panning movement. The Gear Head features a friction knob that controls the pan rotation speed & locking knob that allows keeping the panning crank on static position. for gear head


Central big rotating crank is rotate the head up and down position.
video camera gear


dslr gear head
Storage Bag and Grey foamed packing for storing your valuable equipment

Want to add more angles in your shoot?

Try our Multi angle dynamic wedge plate with gear head and expand the limit of your creativity.


dslr gear head
Offer smooth pan and tilt movements
geared head
High quality gear head lets you perform accurate movements
camera gear head
Specialized tool allows mounting options according to your need
gear head tripod
Famous for ultimate control and stability for film style shooting
Exclusive Of Camera, Tripod Stand, Follow Focus, Matte box, Mic, LCD, Multi-angle Plate,
Mounting Arm, Evf, LED Light, Battery Plate and Battery

dslr equipment
camera gear head


At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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