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CAMTREE Hunt Quick Mount 15mm Rosette handle Set (CH-QM-H)

15mm Rosette handle Set
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Bring passion with uniqueness in your creativity!


Need to get a grip on your rig setup?

CAMTREE Hunt Quick Mount 15mm Rosette handle Set is your best option. Lightweight & sleek design provides a secure grip to better control your shot.

Adds professional versatility to any hand-held Camera/ Camcorder and hold it securely while maintaining a steady shot.

Allows the camera operator to make quick and sudden movements in a smooth fashion that absorbs shake from jerky shots.

Get beautifully smooth lateral camera moves and capture creative flair of images that you have ever imagined.

15mm handle
->  Adds a new dimension of handling your shoulder rig
->  Provides an ideal balance between comfort, durability and stability
->  Get rapid movements easily and firmly
->  Easy to wear and take off
->  Lightweight and easy to use
rosette handles

video rail system

Camtree offers a complete line of components geared toward the most demanding camera professional.

Elegantly designed CAMTREE Hunt Quick Mount 15mm Rosette handle Set provides a comfortable and stable contact point for shoulder-mount rigs. It ensures the operator’s hands stay firmly planted when making rapid movements, therefore maintaining very smooth and stable footage. CAMTREE HUNT Fully adjustable, rubber skid proof, universal handle grip with dual lock fits 15mm rail rod systems.

You can adjust this dual joint handle to any angle with the provided rosette lock system.

photography rail system


->  15mm Handle Set

Video is for DEMONSTRATION Purpose only

camera rail
Ergonomically designed handles provides the solid grip for camera carrying

->  Solid rig handles for perfect gripping.
->  Universal adjustable easy operation.
->  Fit all camera dv video rod rail system DV video film.
->  Three joints design allows adjustments of all angles.
->  Steel rosettes bring excellent stability to the handgrip.
->  Snap-on rod bridge accommodates 15mm rod systems.
->  Rosette lock system which always use to lock the heavy mold.
->  Special lock design better than traditional rosette lock system.

rosette handles
Soft grip with mounting points for additional accessories

->  Hollow Out Design save 80% weight
->  CNC DSLR photographic rubber skid proof universal handle grip
->  Thrice Lock 15mm rail rod system
->  2 spindle allows you to adjust it to any angle you want


rosette handle
Elegant handheld design gives easy adjustment according to your need

rosette handles
Can be easily altered according to your suitability

rod support system
Exciting handheld design satisfies all requirements

rosette lock
Makes holding for small as well as large format cameras

rosette handles
Moveable rail system stabilizes the camera during hand-held Shooting
Exclusive of rods
rosette handle


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