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CAMTREE HUNT professional camera cage kit for blackmagic pocket camera (CH-PC-ABBP)

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Revised on 20-Apr-2016
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Feel the performance and accuracy you want!


Are you considering buying a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?

You will need some support gear to get the most out of your investment. Cages are exoskeletons that will provide some protection for your BMPC camera, as well as a way to attach BlackMagic pocket cinema camera accessories to it.

The industry's most configurable and innovative mounting solution for BMPC. Designed to inspire and lets you shoot every scene with astonishing accuracy from more perspectives. This modernization is incorporated with new design and technology to deliver guaranteed results. This one has quality ends on it which makes you happy that this investment will last year's down the road.

Protect your camera with this beautifully crafted, professional-level camera support that adds structure, safety and convenience to your camera set up at an unbeatable price!

cage for bmpcc
Exceptional play-free performance!
->  Extremely well-built for the BlackMagic Pocket Camera
->  Ergonomicly and effectively designed to fit your shooting style
->  Performance oriented, professional quality BlackMagic pocket cinema
     camera cage
->  Stylish & uniquely designed top handlet
->  Strong, sturdy and well balanced set-up
->  Provides a more stable and secure mounting apparatus to your subject
->  Perfect balance between strength and light weight
pocket camera cage
  (Added On 08-Sept-2016)

bmpcc cage

The BlackMagic Professional Cage kit has been designed to perfectly fit around your Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Keep your camera small but protected or build it up with several of the available BlackMagic pocket cinema camera accessories to make it into a full production ready system. The move to video shooting with BlackMagic professional cameras has been well noted that market place continues to grow.Prosumer operators in many non-broadcast areas like wedding photography/video, corporate communications and POP production, are using new multi-function technology to produce 'stills' and video alike. It embraces the flexibility to accessorize and match production requirements with our Camtree Hunt Blackmagic professional pocket cinema camera Cage kit for professional results.

It is a well thought out system that is highly configurable and adaptable to the daily demands of production. It provides rugged construction, expandability, and user functionality that other kits can’t match. The Black Magic pocket camera cage kit protects the camera body, significantly improves handheld shooting possibilities and adds a multitude of accessory attachment points.

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->  Black Magic Pocket Camera Cage with Top Handle
->  2 * 300mm Female Rods
->  A-Box for Black Magic Pocket Camera
->  Battery Plate (Revised on 6-Jan-2016)
->  Wire Clamp
->  D-Tab Cable  (Added On 18-June-2015)
->  FREE V-Remote Controller  (Added On 08-Sept-2016)
->  FREE Accessories

Video is for DEMONSTRATION purpose only

black magic pocket cage
Unbeatable, Professional tool with superior performance
Exclusive of Camera,Battery & Mic


->  Heavy Duty all aluminum/metal construction.
->  Wooden grip handles.
->  Bottom pocket designed for excellent ventilation.
->  Ideal configuration for EVF, monitor and other accessories.
->  Multiple accessory mounting points.
->  Easy handheld and tripod mounting ability.
->  Versatile, lightweight, affordable and best of all.

pocket camera cage
Ergonomically designed to protect your Camera


->  CNC machined components
->  Compatible with Blackmagic Pocket camera
->  1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 holes for mounting accessories
->  15mm Rod Adapter


(Revised on 6-Jan-2016)
A multipurpose battery and accessory mounting plate with several ¼”-20 threaded holes holds Rod Clamps, Cheese Plates and more. It complies with the modern design as it is compact in size and is elegant to look at. This makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and everywhere you go! It keeps your device safe. Variable angle adjustments are done using the provided knob.

black magic camera accessories
Ideal placement for an V-Mount battery system
(Revised on 6-Jan-2016)
battery plates
Multiple angle adjustments
(Revised on 6-Jan-2016)


Camtree Hunt A- Box is specifically made for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. A-Box for Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera adapts mini balanced 3.5mm audio inputs to industry standard XLR connections. It consists of highest quality professional grade connectors. It comes with free Bolt On 19mm Rod for attaching to any 1/4-20 threaded hole and 15mm Adapter Bushing for clamping to 15mm rods. This adapter does not provide phantom power.

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Added On 18-June-2015

Made of top grade quality material, Portable and ergonomically designed, this 25” long CAMTREE Blackmagic Camera Power Cable D - Tap to DC Plug ensures high-speed and error-free data transfer. This Blackmagic camera power cable is made from ultra-light, yet durable cable connectors, with a D-Tap cable connector at one end and DC plug at the other end. Simply plug it into any D-Tap power outlet for a convenient way to give power supply to your camera.
 photography accessories
Performance oriented power cable solely for Blackmagic cameras

Added On 08-Sept-2016

V-Remote control is designed to take videos more conveniently. It's highlysensitive, has a long distance range, and operates easily. The start/stop button mounts conveniently on handle of your rig via its Velcro strap. It’s pretty easy to use; simply attaches to the handle of your rig. Free your hands from camera; remotely start & stop video; trigger the shutter whenever and wherever you want.

Note: V remote control is compatible with any camera having 2.5 mm jack plug.
 photography accessories
Fits most rig handles , Camera strap also be held in your hand


->  World-class remote control of stills and video.
->  Simple to operate.
->  Small, and easily portable
->  Multiple mounting option


black magic camera photography
Amazing secret weapon of choice

magic pocket camera cage
Provides Stability & Support to cameras while shooting
Exclusive of Camera, LCD, Mounting Arm, Mic, Battery, LED, Tripod Stand, Ball Head And Camera Wire

camera cage
blackmagic support cage


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