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CAMTREE Camera Shoulder Mount Kit 201 (C-Kit-201)

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Get the perfect & real visual enjoyment!


Find the perfect balance and comfort for long day video shooting!

Perfectly balanced gear brings you comfort experience and gets you steadiest cinematic shots. Ergonomically designed to inspire and lets you shoot every scene with tack sharp accuracy from more perspectives.

Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a passionate weekend shooter, you always want an extra measure of agility in your work and our Camera Shoulder Mount Kit delivers phenomenal performance with its fast and responsive body.

Get ready to drastically broaden your creative and compositional potential with our incredibly durable and stylishly refined gear…

Flexibility has a new name now….

camera rig kit
A multi function-performance oriented shoulder mount camera platform
->  Designed for today's modern DSLR's/DV/HDV cameras
->  Quality components in a quality video DSLR mount Kit
->  Fatigue fighting soft foam handle grips & shoulder pad
->  Precision engineered and manufactured for years of service
->  Components can be used in other configurations
->  Handheld - shoulder mount - tripod mount versatility
->  CNC precision made aluminum construction
->  Front adjuster with quick lock mechanism
->  Adjustable top and side metal flags
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

 camcorder shoulder mount


Keeping pace with the advancements in today's DSLR and Camcorder technology, thecinecity has developed the CAMTREE Handheld Camera Mount Shoulder Kit-201. All dressed up with quality components that add a dimension of flexibility to shooters on the move, this filmmaking kit extends the image capture capability of the cameras it supports.

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->  Camtree B3 Camera Shoulder Mount Rig
->  Camshade Matte Box with French and Side flags
->  9" Metal camera cage with Top Handle
->  X5 Follow Focus with Crank

  camera shoulder mount kit
Videos for Demonstration purpose only


->   Uniquely designed camera shoulder mount.
->  Telescopic handles with soft rubber grips reduce arm/hand fatigue.
->  Easy tripod mounting with the provided plate.
->  Comfort adjust camera shoulder pad.
->  Front adjuster for your convenience.
->   Removable metal top and side flags
->  Rotate and lock side flags as per your requirement
->  Best solution for Amateurs and Pro's.

camera shoulder mount

Double-handle allows more stabilized shooting
Exclusive of Camera& Mic


->   The 15mm straight bracket allows for off-centre adjustment of the camera eyepiece.
->   Compatible 15mm components can be adjusted anywhere on the 15mm rods.
->   Easy attachment of 15mm parts
->   Construction –aluminum and metal
->   Filter Holder – built in 4” x 4” with removable locking tray
->   Front diameter – 105mm


dslr kit for video canon

Transformable design for different shooting styles


Easily adjustable for optimal fit with a perfect balance and all day shooting comfort. Soft rubber grips for slip proof operation. This Filmmaking Kit has adjustable telescopic handles that fit standard 15mm rails.
5d shoulder mount


A Quick Release mounting system lets you work faster while providing secure head to tripod contact with less risk of vibration or slipping.
dslr kits


Using the 1/4 or 3/8 mounting screws, the whole kit is easy to tripod mount.
cheap shoulder mount


Camera shoulder pad is perfect for all who want to have perfect and extraordinary shots without hand shaking or vibration. It helps you to produce smooth, accurate and effortless shots.
DSLR rig kits


The counter weight provides easy balance adjustment for personal comfort and fatigue reduced shooting on long days.
shoulder mount

15mm RAILS

15mm diameter DSLR Rods are cnc machined from high grade aluminum, and they are precisely measured for even widths throughout.

We provide
->  2 x 150mm Male Threaded
->  7 x 300mm Female Threaded

hdslr kit


The straight bracket can be used to center the camera. It can also be used with the shoulder mount on 15mm rails (60mm center distance) or with other compatible packages. The 15mm straight bracket is made of strong aluminum.
dslr rig shoulder mount


It consists of 15mm rod holders, Top Handle with soft hand-grip , Black anodized aluminum brackets. Especially used with the cameras having no handle.

Rig kit dslr


 dslr shoulder mounts
More comfortable, more convenient and more stabilized

shoulder mount kits


The design of the clamp allows you to quickly mount or remove the follow focus unit from your DSLR Camera rig without disturbing any other accessories attached to the rail system. To mount the unit, loosen the horizontal knob and release the clamps as shown, allowing you to snap the focus assembly your camera rig.

 dslrs for filmmaking


CAMTREE X5 Follow Focus can easily be used with your geared lenses. Compatible with all 32-pitch (.8 mod) cine-pitch gears.

Shoulder rig kit


Follow Focus is featured with metal drive gear & huco gearbox making it smooth and accurate; the perfection of Follow focus is being not having backlash or a very little amount of backlash.

Shoulder Support System


Reinforced focus indicator – all-new machined focus indicator shows where you are focused at all times.

 pro camera mount


Flexible design , Provide greater precision and control over focus , Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a follow focus Industry-standard 0.8 module.
The Speed Crank switches your follow focus unit to crank operation. Made of anodized aluminum ends with a stainless steel shaft, the crank contains absolutely no plastic.


 shoulder mount dslr

An easy way to stabilize your videos

 shoulder mount follow focus


The French Flag on CAMTREE Camshade Matte Box provides best light control to the sunshade by blocking unwanted extraneous light. By providing extra flare reduction, it improves the quality of your craft.

 shoulder mount for canon


Dual pivot mechanisms are integrated into the housing for more versatile use of the side wings. It features quick removal for your comfort and convenience. They are firmly attached on the Matte Box by hinge mechanism. You can easily open them to the desired length by using the small knob provided on the flags.

 slr shoulder mount


It comes with a non-rotating filter holder measuring 4”x4” in size which is perfect for polarized and a combination of square filters. It includes a removable locking tray.

 Video camera shoulder support


You can easily adjust the height of the Matte Box as per your camera’s requirement. Featured with quick lock mechanism, it can easily be mounted on 15mm rails.

7d shoulder rig


A black-out fabric cover wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely.


Camtree Shoulder Mount DSLR Video Kit 201 comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.

offset shoulder rig
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

canon 5d shoulder rig

Create shake-free recordings, keeping optimal body pressure

best shoulder rig dslr
Flexible designed, easy to transform into different shooting mode
hdslr shoulder rig
Stabilizes the camera for smooth video

shoulder rig camera
Designed for maximum value and discreet shooting
Exclusive of Camera, Head, Tripod Stand , Mic , Lcd

dslr shoulder rig cheap
Revised on 6-Oct-2014
cheap shoulder rigs

Elevate your photography to new heights with our Camtree Shoulder Kit at just $559!


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