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CAMTREE 2pc 2000 LED Light (C-2000-2)

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Revised On 19-Oct-2016camera light kit
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Perfect lighting solution when you need dependable illumination !


From the studio to the streets, the Camtree 2000 LED movie light works flawlessly for a variety of applications.

No matter what the object, color or texture may be, lightning boils down to creating and managing reflections.

Taping outdoors involves a number of challenges. You can’t control either the weather or the motion of the big mail key light 93 million miles away.

All you can control is your light intensity and warm up the colors of any scene with our Camtree 2000 LED light.

You can soften it, angle it, pivot it and even dim it down to get perfect shots.

At an attractive price point of just $1150, Camtree 2000 LED Movie Light is a great piece of gear to add to your collection of gears.

photographic studio lights
->  Heat free, ballast free and flicker free
->  Extremely lightweight, portable and versatile
->  Set up in minutes to offer you a professional photo studio
->  Best color temperature to prevent from color aberration
->  Perfect for portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc

photography lights

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For the cinematographer in all of us, the ability to control and position light sources adds depth and dimension to that creative process. Lighting design goes a long way in telling the story of the image captured. The need for modern, technically advanced lighting gear to match the sophistication of today cameras is a challenge we continue to meet and exceed. Our Camtree 2,000 LED lighting kit is but one example.

photography light kits

Video for Demonstration purpose only


->  2x 2000 Led Light (s) with Barn Door
->  V-Mount Battery Plate (Revised On 2-Jan-2016)
->  Gel Filter Albums
->  2x AC Adapters
->  4x Universal Adapters
->  2 x Studio Light Stands

photography light kit
Cool, continuous, color balanced lighting system


->  2,000 professional grade - Hi-power LED's in each head.
->  Ultra efficient drawing just 100 watt (50W + 50W) maximum per unit.
->  Fully functional dimmer control on rear panel.
->  50,000 + hours of run time.
->  Battery mounts built in.
->  A/C or battery operation for flexibility.
->  Dims 100% to 10% with minimal color shift.
->  Mounting Yoke.
->  2 way barn doors.
->  Gel pack accessory kit.
->  Extendable 2 section light stands upto 7ft.
->  2 riser stands.
->  15v power adaptors.
->  Universal fit - world wide male plugs.
->  Custom made, foam lined carrying cases.
->  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Video Studio Light
Ultra bright, dimmable, day light balanced beam with LED technology

video studio lights
Ultra-slim and ultra-portable solution delivers outstanding performance


->  Thickness: 5mm
->  Operating Temperature: - 20° C - +80° C
->  Power: 15v DC input
->  Wide dispersion beam angle of 60 degrees
->  Size of light: 12"x24"
->  Weight: 3.36 Kg Volumetric : 6.5kg
->  Weight of light stands: 1.6kg each
->  AC Adaptor 100-240V

Our 1'x1' soft light delivers pure, luminous, directional output through Camtree LED technology in a sophisticated, slim line housing. An advanced modular LED lighting kit in keeping with today's camera technology. The Camtree LEDs are balanced to a color temperature of 5600K daylight for a natural appearance.

led studio light panel
Blasting light gives more exposure to your footage


Led Studio Lighting
Clear frosted filter for softening glare and amber for shooting indoor

Without Gel Filter 5600° Kelvin
With Soften White filter 5400° Kelvin.
Orange Gel filter 3200° Kelvin

Distance 12" 24" 36" 48"
Lux 40700lx 10900lx 5150lx 3090lx


photography equipment lighting   movie lighting equipment
Output with white gel filters                                 Output with Orange gel filters
Create effects to suit your needs without fumbling for filters


14.8V-DC with 100-240 A/C adapter
led video camera lights
An equisite body with smart/intuitive control
Revised On 2-Jan-2016


->   Over charge protection
->   Over voltage protection
->   Short circuit protection
->   Over temperature protection
->   Wide input voltage range, could stable work under 100V
        to 240V
->    More power exchange savings and less power wasting, it
       works more efficient
->   PCB & Cover are manufactured with fireproofing
->   Low ripple and noise
->   Light weight
lighting kit for video


Camtree 2pc 2000 LED Light comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

portable studio lighting
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality


led light for video camera
Flicker-free brightness dimmer and on/off switch

led camera light
Great for video and photography Studio design - Suitable for long distance shooting and outdoor

camtree lights
portable lights logo


At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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