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CAMTREE 2pcs. 1000 Bi-color LED Lights Kit (C-1000-BI-2)

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Revised On 2-Jan-2016best led video light
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A bright light panel for beautiful soft and even illumination!


This Product is on “backorder for 7 days”. So any order of this product will be shipped after 27 October, 2016.

Picture-perfect images start with light sources designed to enhance what the camera sees and help tell the story.

Our 2 piece 1000 Bi color LED lights kit is the perfect complement for ENG/EFP shooters looking for a fast set up, multi-function system that is light in weight and easily portable.

Loaded with features this 2-piece, LED color lighting kit offers a lot more than an industry best buy price. It offers shooters a host of extras not found with other brands in the market.

Expand your creativity to capture images just like the pros with a proper LED lighting kit.

Use our Camtree 2-piece 1000 Bi color Led lights kit just once and you will know why our customers rate it so highly.

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An illumination solution that will appeal to stills, film, videographers and industrial /commercial users.
->  Flicker free color corrected smooth continuous light output
->  Ideal for all level photographers
->  Helps to ensure your pictures's perfect settings
->  Can be used in video taking, either for lights setup or supplement
->  Provides an even distribution of soft light at both short and long distances

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For the cinematographer in all of us, the ability to control and position LED light sources adds depth and dimension to that creative process. Lighting design goes a long way in telling the story of the image captured. The need for modern, technically advanced LED lighting gear to match the sophistication of today cameras is a challenge we continue to meet and exceed. Our Camtree 1,000 color LED lighting kit is but one example.

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->  2 x 1000 Bi Color Led Lights with Barn Doors
->  In-Built V-Mount Battery Plates  (Revised On 2-Jan-2016)
->  2 x Gel Filter albums
->  2x AC Adapters
->  2x Universal Adapters
->  2x LED Light Stands

Videos are for Demonstration purpose only


->  1,000 professional grade - Hi-power LED's in each head.
->  Heat-free, Ballast-free & flicker-free.
->  Ultra efficient drawing just 50 watts maximum per unit.
->  Can run on 15V DC Battery for hours
->  Fully functional dimmer control on rear panel.
->  Extendable 2 section light stand upto 7ft.
->  A/C or battery operation for flexibility.
->  50,000 + hour lamp life.
->  Universal fit - world wide male plugs.
->  4 way barn doors.
->  Small in size (12"x12") - big in application.
->  Gel kit included.
->  Mounting Yoke.
Studio Lighting Led
Energy efficient light-weight studio lighting

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Ultra-slim and ultra-portable solution delivers outstanding performance

->  Thickness - 5mm
->  Operating Temperature - 20° C - +80° C
->  Beam angle of 60 degrees for wide dispersion
->  Size of light - 39x39cm
->  Weight - 5 lbs. (2.29 Kg) Volumetric - 6.5kg Box size -
      L 47 x W 43 x H 15 cms
->  1.7 meter DC cable.
->  Weight of LED light stands - 1.6kg each
->  2 stage riser sections extend to 7'
->  "12" square (30.48cm)
->  Dims 100% to 10% with minimal color shift
->  External 14.8 to 15V DC Input
->  There are two dials on back of panel, one for brightness of
      light and one to change the color tone of the light.


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         'V' Mount Battery Plate                               AC ADAPTER                                     'A' Mount Battery Plate
   We provide 'V' mount battery              14.8V-DC A/C Adapter 100-240V        A-mount battery plate for Anton Bauer           plate with this light                                                                                      battery can be provided upon request.
Revised On 2-Jan-2016

Our 1'x1' soft light delivers pure, luminous, directional output through Camtree LED technology in a sophisticated, slim line housing. An advanced modular color LED lighting kit in keeping with today's camera technology. The Camtree LEDs are balanced to a color temperature of 5600K daylight for a natural appearance.


Camtree LED lighting fixtures offer endless color changing possibilities as gel filters are with you to enhance your environment.
on camera video lights
Clear frosted filter for softening glare and amber for shooting indoor

Without Gel Filter
White Gel Filter
Orange Gel Filter
Mode A 500LED's White 5600K 5400K 3200K
Mode B 500LED's Tungsten 3200K 3000K 2600K

COLORS (Without Filter)

led photo lighting    led light video camera
      BIO color (White On+Orange On)           Tungsten color (Orange On-White Off)

photo studio lighting kit
White color (White On-Orange Off)

camcorder video light        most powerful led light
White On with White Gel Filter                         Orange On with Orange Gel Filter
(Orange Off)                                                                      (White Off)


-> 2 Feet - 3070 LUX
-> 3 Feet - 1570 LUX
-> 4 Feet - 1030 LUX

  Color Temperature :- 5600 K

-> 2 Feet - 4842 LUX
-> 3 Feet - 2582 LUX
-> 4 Feet - 1914 LUX

  Color Temperature
  depends on Dimmer Settings


-> 2 Feet - 2550 LUX
-> 3 Feet - 1315 LUX
-> 4 Feet - 950 LUX

  Color Temperature :- 3200 K

These filters give vibrant, saturated and technicolor look that enhances aesthetic effects. One gel filter album is for creating different diffused light to enhance your photography.


->  Over charge protection
->  Over voltage protection.
->  Short circuit protection.
->  Over temperature protection.
->  Wide input voltage range, could stable work under
      100V to 240V.
->  More power exchange savings and less power wasting,
     it works more efficient.
->  PCB & Cover are manufactured with fireproofing
->  Low ripple and noise.
->  Light weight.

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Camtree 2pcs. 1000 Bi color LED Lights Kit comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality


light stand
Remarkably even light with astonishing performance

high power lighting
Provides that extra illumination to make your videos shine through

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At thecinecity, we take great pride in our customer service. Without a doubt, it is a proven and important part of our business success. Should you have any questions, require additional product, shipping or pricing information contact us at sales@thecinecity.com
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